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About Us

On Command Dog Training is an Educational Center for K9's and their humans! We believe in helping you build a trusting and loving relationship with your dog.  As training progresses, you and your dog become more in tune with one another.  Training is more than just the typical commands such as sit, down, stay, and come.  With the proper training, behavioral issues improve and both of you will feel more confident and comfortable with each other.


The most successful training begins early on in a puppies life...the earlier the better!


On Command Dog Training uses positive training methods.  This is a proven training methodology and provides for a simple and fun experience for everyone involved.  We offer a variety of classes sure to fit your needs.  Take a look at the list of upcoming classes. Our dedicated staff are happy to help you find the best fit for your pup.  We look forward to meeting and working with you and your K9 soon!

Feel free to contact us with questions regarding upcoming classes or training needs.
We respond quickest to emails and text messages.



Becky Hendrickson:  757-846-4404
Tom Hendrickson:  757-902-3666
Amber Eaves:  703-424-6968
Aubry Lumanog:  757-871-8065
Abbey Walton:  757-771-0702
Angie Buckley:  757-810-0820

Stephanie Case-Piske:  757-817-5917

Kahla Ennis:  757-870-5791

Amy Williams:  641-980-0125

Our Trainers

Rebecca Hendrickson

Owner and Certified Master Trainer

Becky is the owner and operator of On Command Dog Training.  She is a friendly, open-hearted person who is, above all else, a dog lover!  Dogs have been a part of her life since childhood.  At the early age of 14, she began training and working with dogs, which led her to pursue a lifelong dream of becoming a full-time dog trainer. Through hard work and determination, she is now the proud owner of On Command Dog Training, LLC., and is a Certified Master Dog Trainer.


She has earned the following certifications through the American Society of Canine Trainers (ASCT) as a: Master Trainer and Evaluator (Public Arena Obedience), Master Trainer Therapy K-9, Exceptional Mentoring, and Master Trainer Service K-9 (Service Dog), and is certified in K-9 CPR, Behavior Modification, AKC Star Puppy, Canine Good Citizen, and AKC Community Canine. 


She has been training for over 27 years. Her husband, Tom, has been training dogs for over 30 years and is a Certified Master Dog Trainer through ASCT. They are the happy owners of their working dog partners, "Dixie" and "Diesel" (Rottweilers), and "Buckshot" (a Bloodhound).


She believes training should be a fun experience for you and your dog.  She is dedicated to helping you achieve this through positive reward based training.  


Tom Hendrickson

Certified Master Trainer

Tom has dedicated his life to dog training and the training of their human partners. He has worked for one of our local police departments for over 34 years and worked and trained dogs for the department for 30 years. Over the years Tom has had five different K-9 partners that were credited with numerous criminal apprehensions, detection of illegal narcotics and confiscation of monies and property as a result of criminal activities. With Tom being as proud as he is of his partners for the above achievements he will say that his last two partners gave him his greatest reward by each saving a life.


Tom has been a Master Trainer certified through American Society of Canine Trainers International for over fifteen years and has the ability to certify all Law Enforcement dogs, Patrol & Bloodhounds. His certifications also allow him to train, certify and evaluate therapy dogs, public arena obedience and mentor up and coming Trainers. Tom has a extensive background in K-9 medical first aid, trauma care and CPR. Every year he travels to Farmington, Connecticut to instruct and train Police K-9 Handlers from all over the country at the K-9 event put on by the Hometown Foundation. The event is satisfying work for Tom and his work partner K-9 Buckshot (certified Tracking Dog / Therapy Dog) who spends part of their time spreading love and joy to the Special Olympian’s that also attend the event.


Tom looks forward to working side by side with his best friend and wife Becky providing you with top notch innovative ways to train your dog and build a strong bond that will last a lifetime. Tom and Becky share a passion to provide for those that can’t control situations that they have been thrust into - children. On Command Dog Training has partnered with The Kennek Foundation to provide Trouble the Dog to first responders to have on hand to give to children that are victims of crimes, injured or put into situations that they cannot help. Please feel free to ask us about “Trouble” and how you can make a donation to this wonderful organization. Click here for more information.


Amber Eaves

Certified Master Trainer

Amber grew up in Bristow, VA.  Her love for dogs came at a very young age.  She started dog sitting around the age of 8 and still does to this day.  Then she would start walking dogs for friends and neighbors and made her more interested in having a career working with dogs.

After graduating high school she attended Virginia Tech, where she graduated with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Animal and Poultry Sciences, along with a minor in Psychology.  During her time at Virginia Tech she studied everything from animal anatomy and physiology to animal behavior.  This is where her interest in dog training sparked.

After graduating from Virginia Tech, Amber moved to Chesapeake, VA.  She started working at On Command Dog Training in September 2019.  With the help of her mentor Becky, she received her certification through American Society of Canine Trainers (ASCT).  While training, she is also working towards a Masters Degree in Canine Behavior Studies and a Bachelors Degree in Canine Developmental Studies to further her education in canines.  

When Amber is not working, you can always find her out and about with her husband and Lab Dixie.  Going on hikes, beach trips, and even Starbucks runs to get Dixie a pup cup are just a few of her favorite things to do.  As Amber grows as a trainer, she hopes to improve her skills and knowledge with the help of Becky.  Her favorite thing about training is to see the progress each dog and their owner has throughout each class.  Getting to watch their bond grow stronger as a team!!


Aubry Lumanog

Certified Master Trainer

Aubry grew up in the Newport News community and has continued to make it her home. As a young person, she would read up on every dog book she could find at the library and would help owners with their dogs even though she didn’t have one of her own. Finally, they day came where she was allowed to adopt, Parker, a spunky dachshund. Training him wasn’t just a pastime it was a passion.

Throughout her enrollment in Theocratic Ministry School, her work as a volunteer for Bible studies and part-time jobs, she continued to help family and friends with their loved canines. After marrying her childhood sweetheart, she realized her passion for dogs and helping people could turn into her career. With the support of her husband she promptly started classes through the CATCH Canine Trainers Academy. A year later she happily received her certification as a dog trainer.

Immediately following her graduation, her local school mentor hired her as a class trainer. Within two years of experience she learned how to work with all sorts of breeds, people and has become a certified trainer through AKC.


Abbey Hodge

Certified Trainer

Abbey was born and raised in York county. Growing up, Abbey has always wanted to be involved with working with dogs in anyway possible. She started volunteering with the SPCA in her free time as soon as she turned 16. From then on, Abbey started taking initiative by helping out family members with their K-9’s, training one on one. She then started fostering and working with stray dogs to get them ready for adoption and finding their forever homes.


Abbey’s first puppy that she adopted was from a rescue (Molly). She started taking classes with her personal dog with Becky. A couple of years later she decided to adopt another dog (Samantha) who had a very rough start. Samantha was very shy and very unsure about everything, Abbey loved gaining the trust of Sam. Since then she has been fostering dogs from Puerto Rico who have gone through some trouble getting their life started! She helps with the organization “Island Rescue dogs” to get them settled and work through some things and then helps them find their forever homes here in the U.S.! She previously worked with a different dog training company for some time but decided for her own personal reasons that it was not the right fit for her there. Which led her to reaching out to Becky with On Command Dog Training. Abbey has been mentoring under Becky and will work to get certified as a trainer through AKC. 


When not training, Abbey is also currently taking classes online to work towards her bachelors degree. She loves to travel with her two pups! She loves to tent camp and go hiking as often as possible!


Angie DiPentima-Buckley

Certified Master Trainer

Angie has always had a love for dogs, which started when she was 3 years old growing up with her first dog Samantha (a yellow Labrador). She developed a natural curiosity of what she could teach Samantha. At 8 years old, she taught Samantha to retrieve slippers, play soccer, and walk the perimeter of the yard without leaving. Coming from a law enforcement family, this love and bond grew into wanting to become a Police K9 Handler. She accomplished this goal and dedicated 20 years of law enforcement with one of our local police departments. Fourteen of those years she was a Senior Master K9 Handler certified through American Society Canine Trainers International. While serving the city, she had the honor of having two K9 partners, K9 Troy and K9 Caliber. Both K9 partners had the accomplishments of numerous criminal apprehensions in detection of illegal narcotics, tracking, and confiscation of monies and firearms as a result of criminal activities.


Her first K9 partner, Troy, assisted with the launch and closure of the nationally known case of Michael Vick. This saved the lives of several dogs from an inhumane lifestyle most of those dogs were able to be rehabbed into better homes and live a happy life. This humbled Angie even more for the love and bond you create with your dog. Her second partner, Caliber, is enjoying the life of retirement with Angie.


Angie has always had a huge heart and passion to help people and dogs. She looks forward to work with Tom Hendrickson again and be mentored by Becky Hendrickson to fulfill this passion. She is excited to watch the progress and growth of each dog and their owner and to assist in having a deeper and meaningful bond. In her pastime, she loves spending time with her husband David and their four dogs Bella, Sig, Caliber, and their new addition Remi. She is also an avid member of one of our local gyms, Crossfit Buckroe Beach.


Stephanie Case-Piske

Dog Trainer

Stephanie grew up in Newport News.  At a young age she developed a love for dogs and training.  She was constantly outdoors playing with her childhood dog and the neighbor’s dogs.  One of her first jobs was pet sitting throughout the neighborhood.  Her love for dogs and training grew as she and her husband got their first two dogs, Buddy and Maya. They also fostered numerous GSDs through Southeast German Shepherd Rescue (SGSR).  She worked with various temperament GSDs rehabbing and rehoming them.  They adopted their third dog, Madison, from SGSR with the purpose of being a working canine.

Stephanie and her husband joined GARD, a local K9 Search and Rescue team.  Stephanie and Maya became an operational air scent live find team and responded to searches across Virginia for missing persons. Maya also certified as a therapy dog.  Years later Stephanie gave birth to her daughter and decided to retire Maya from SAR.  She stayed with the team on the side helping problem solve and train newer dogs.  She has since rejoined the team as an active member responding to searches and helping new handlers train their dogs in live find and cadaver. 

After retiring Maya, Stephanie trained her to blood trail deer and look for antlers shed by deer.  Maya has had numerous successful tracks to recover deer.  Most recently, Stephanie and her husband decided to add another member to their pack to start SAR training, Kyra.  Stephanie trains her in obedience, agility, dock diving, and helps her husband with Kyra’s SAR training. 

After training SAR dogs for 8 years, Stephanie wanted to learn more about dog training and behavior, so she contacted Becky and Tom to be her mentor and join the On Command family. 


Kahla Ennis

Certified Master Trainer

Kahla and Carl settled in Yorktown after 26 years of USAF service. It has been an interesting journey since. She was previously a small business owner of The Glass Pheasant Tea Room.

50 years earlier, they bought their first German Shorthaired Pointer. The energy and versatility of this hunting dog became their lifelong obsession. In 2003, the love of GSPs took a new path. After two previous dogs passed, she purchased a puppy from a reputable breeder. The AKC conformation ring became part of normal life. Some years later, she began to train her dogs for performance titles in Rally, Obedience and Agility.

Kahla’s most difficult challenge was training for the highest hunting title. With no previous experience, she and Keely have achieved Master Hunter Advanced. And her other dogs, Stone and Tripp, are, presently working towards their Master Hunter titles. All of these dogs have Rally Master and other performance titles.

Kahla is also a breeder of many AKC champions and performance title holders. In the near future, she will have the honor of judging GSPs. She’s hoping to pass on love of Rally to others.

In her free time she enjoys quilting, tennis, golf and hanging with friends. Of course, with 4 GSPs in the house there isn’t too much extra time!


Amy Williams

Dog Trainer

Amy is an almost retired Air Force Member as an Operations Compliance Superintendent. She has loved what the military has provided her. But now, she is ready for the next journey in her life. She has lived overseas the majority of her first ten years in service! Her second half of her career has been in Texas, North Carolina, New Mexico, and now, Virginia. She is originally from Rhode Island and has made Virginia her forever home.


Her love for dogs started at a very young age. She has had so many different breeds growing up and she was known for having to say hi to every dog she had seen, with permission of course. She currently has a rescue pittie named May who is a complete sweetheart. She volunteered at shelters starting in her teenage years until this past year. She purchases and donates toys, food, and blankets to shelters and insists that she says Hi and loves on each one there. If she could, she would buy acres of land and adopt a whole rescue pack to be able to save so many from kill shelters.


She has a bachelors degree in Criminal Justice and two associate degrees. However, her love for dogs has changed her direction in career paths. she aspired to be a dog handler in the military; unfortunately, the cards she was dealt did not bring her to that experience. Therefore, she has come to Becky and Tom to live her dreams of being a dog trainer! She loves working with shy dogs the best because she gets to see them grow and personalities shine through each class they take! Amy would love to certify in therapy and service dogs to continue to pay it forward where she can. When you come in with your pup, prepare for her to love and always provide treats to your special family member!

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